Arrange a Picture library horizontally

…this post was published on 2012 February 2.

Starting from a post on Sharepoint Forum, here is an example how can change a picture library easy and without a lot of steps into horizontaly view.

What you need is to have Sharepoint Designer 2010, and connect to your web server. Next create a page in which you will customize a DataFormWebPart for the picture library.

The result will looks like this:

To make all clear, I wrote each step with a picture bellow.

Step 1. Create a new page, and insert an empty data view web part

​As you can see , select from SHP Designer menu, Insert / DataView / Empty Data View 
Step2. Select the Data Source


Step3. Select which column you whish to show.  In this case, is just an example, i selected, only URL Path


Step4. How the page looks like.

Now, beacause the pics are too big, they must be resized. Click on one pic, right click, and select from menu: Picture Properties.


Step5. Resize the picture- width 300px


 Step6. How it looks like, in one column


Step7. Change View Style.  Select on the page the DataFormWebPart, and from SHP Designer menu select Data View Tools / View Styles / Two columns repeating….


Step8. The view has been changed. We have 2 columns. Maybe in this step will be necesarry columns reconfig ( from menu:Data View Tools / Options / Add/Remove Columns ).


Step9. A new resizing- width 200px and customization of the columns, eliminating the column title


Step10. Change of columns number. Goto the code side and select the code as in the pic bellow, and change value 2 to value 3

And so your page will have 3 columns. Now, what if i need a link from these picture to the source? Really simple.

Step11. Select Insert link from SHP Designer Ribbon, as you can see in the pic bellow


Step12. Write {@FileRef}, which will open the location for the image


Step13. If you whish to open in separate tab, change the code for the link, inserting target=”_blank”

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