Calculated Columns for Yes/No columns in Sharepoint

  …this post was published on 2016 May 3.

Starting from this post, let’s suppose  that we have following colunms: Col_A, COL_B, COL_C, COL_D and COL_E. All columns are Yes/No Columns. The default value for them it isn’t so important ( in calculation columns, Yes value is used as TRUE, and No value as FALSE )
And the request is to show a message in a calculated column ( CALCULATED ) if COL_A is YES and also if one of other columns ( at least one ) is Yes as well. For this calculation, we need a function ( IF ) and 2 logical operator ( AND + OR )

OR will check if one of Col_BCol_C, Col_D, Col_​D is Yes, and will give the value TRUE in this case
AND will be necesarry to check if all conditions inside it are TRUE – in our case COL_A and OR result

The last but not least, IF function will show the message based on AND logical value
The complete formula is:

depending on your regional settings, you may need to replace “;” with “,” like this :

An example is bellow:

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