Calculating Working Hours – total working hours

 …this post was published on 2016 March 31.

Finally. last moment! TOTAL

We need to add some columns. And because our last 2 columns are in minutes, we will transform first 3 columns from full days in minutes and will add the last 2 columns.
The needed 3 columns , representing full working days are:.


​The Last 2 columns are:

​I create a new calculated column TOTAL , the last one! numeric with 2 decimals. The formula will be:
= ​8*(DAYS_FIRST_WEEK+Days_in_Full_Weeks+DAYS_LAST_WEEK)+WorkingHours_FirstDay+WorkingHours_LastDay

To show the results, , let me change the default view for my list and I will hide all other columns less  StartDate, EndDate and TOTAL.

The final results are:

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