Change List View Orientation from Vertical to Horizontal

…this post was published on 2013 February 15.

The question is , how to change from vertical to horizontal a View? The question was posted here. I will create an horizontal view with 5 columns. For this you should use SharePoint Designer.
First think to do, is to insert a DFWP and select the fields, I selected only 1 field: Title.

 Now, next step is to select from the ribbon , the way to change from vertical to horizontal with 2 columns ( as MS defined as a template )

from the ribbon go to Style View and

Select it. The view will looks like:

 Now, your view contain only  2 columns.
To change that, you need little code, which you should locate first.

There locate both line with mod 2, and change them with mod 5, and the code and view will looks like:

 You see that columns doesn’t look very nice. So you should change how the <td> element is defined. For this you should select this code:

  and replace value 50% with 20% ( 100 /  nr of columns, in this case 5; 100/5 = 20 ). The View will looks like


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