Create a list for anonymous users contribution

…this post was published on 2012 April 8.

For the next post, about how to disable a field in a NewForm.apsx file attached to a list, I will need to have a list which will permit anonymous users to add new items.

For this, I will create a new list.

Before starting you should check if you your web app and the site collection is configured to permit this action

Part 1. Configure the web application  to permit anonymous write access

First, connect to your Central Administration web interface, using the propper admin acount.

There, select “Manage web application
After you select the wanted web application ( based on name and/or TCP port ), goto ribbon and select “Authentication Providers
Next, select the desired one, for me exist only one:
 In the new window, check if isn’t done, checkbox for:
and click OK button. Now we have finished config at web application  level.
 Part 2. Configure the Site Collection to permit anonymous write access

First thing to do is connect to your site collection, using a site collection administrator account. Then from ribbon, select “Site actions—>Site permissions“.

 From the ribbon, select “Anonymous Access“.
In the new pop-up window, select: “Entire Web Site” and then OK.
Right now, the both mandatory steps for anonymous access are done. We start to create the list.
  Part 3. Create the list.

First, re-select from ribbon “Site actions” and next “View all Site Content“.

and next, select “Create” and in the new window select “Custom List” and fill the Name field. In my case, I will name it: “xxx_L_custom5“, and click on “Create” button.
Right now, I have a new list, named as i filled: xxx_L_custom5, and which can be found already in “View All Site Content“.
Now, select the list, and from the ribbon select “List“.
From the ribbon select “List Permissions“.
In the new window, from the ribbon select: “Stop Inheriting Permissions“.
and next click Ok on the new warning message:
It’s time to assign propper rights for anonymous users. In my case, only “Add Items” permission
After you click “OK“, you can see that anonymous users can add items to this new list.
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