Office 365 – Anonymous Access for public site

…this post was published on 2014 August 23.

My first experience with Office 365 – I will move my Sharepoint on-premises solution.

So my first option it is: Office 365, Small Business plan ( the cheapest one ! ). To get more details about Office 356 plans check here.
And the issues arrived when I tried to apply permissions for anonymous to one list! No way!

It Isn’t possible to grant permissions for anonymous in Office 365. To do it you need to implement a Sandbox Solution and the only one I’ve found is from Codeplex. A good article about this is this one.
But how to deploy it? Because in Small Business plan, you don’t have any options to do it – Microsoft has removed the links. But he didn’t removed the URL!
So, for deployment, in a Small Business scenario, you should use this URL:
After I installed and activated it, everything seems to be OK.
Don’t be naive!

As you can see in this image, no resources allocated! If you observe, a new icon appeared on the ribbon

and if you will use it you will get an error message, like this one:
Error 016: Synchronization has been stopped. This company has exceeded the number of objects that can be synchronized. Contact Microsoft Online Services Support.
An official explanation about it can be found here.
But for Small Business plan isn’t a solution, because you can’t modify quotas by hand. Only in Enterprise you can do it. In Small Business plans ( Standard or Premium ) you can do it only by extend the number of licences, as you can learn in this video
For me, this last one isn’t an option ( I like to do it by my self ) so here I am, an enterprise user! – Of course – my options it is: E1 plan!
After this upgrade everyting it’s really OK.

I allocated 300 server resources, as you can see:

If you try to change anonymous rights, no error message! You’ll get the right needed window!

For other details about the topic, you can get here:

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