Powershell 5.0 for DSC and LCM on Windows 2008 R2

…this post was published on 2016 December 25.

If you want to use DSC ( Desired State Configuration ) on a Server with 2008R2 OS ( as the bible 😉 say ) you should have at least Powershell v4 on remote machine

To check that, the easiest way in powershell console is :

If you don’t have SP1 akready installed, it isn’t necesarry to check. The default version is 2.0
So, first step is to upgrade your server to 2008R  SP1, and after that you have to install  Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 and Windows Management Framework 4.0  as well

A step by step doc is this one

So far so good, but this doesn’t mean you can set config using DSC on that remote 2008R2 server. You should enable winRM , in the command line:
winRM quickconfig

At this momment you installed owershell version 4.0 on remote server, you can access the server remotely, But what it doesn’t still work is LocalConfigurationManager ( which will manage for example rebooting preocess if necesarry when you install a program or a feature ).

So, next step is to install Powershell v5.0 on remote machine. For that , download and install Windows Management Framework 5.0 from here

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