Restoring multiple files versions in Sharepoint Online using Powershell

…this post was published on 2017 January 28.

Starting from this post, I attached a zipped document with the scripts needed to do the request.
The .zip file contains the files:
Online_RestoringFiles.ps1   – this is the main file which will use the second
Online_RestoringFiles_Functions.ps1 – the file with function needed in the main file

The script, need 3 mandatory params:
– the site’s URL  ( $Url )
– the library name ( $Library )
– the local folder ( $Download_Folder ) where the selected versions will be downloaded  before uploading them to the cloud )

After filling Online Credentials, the script will conect to the tenant, and will show all files in all folders and subloders.

The user need to select the filtering options, and the script will show these filtered files

For these filtered files, the versions will appear on screen, the user need to select which version will use to recover the file(s)

For each one, the file will be downloaded locally, and the user will can open and see the document

After locally download, the user will be asked to start the upload process to the cloud or stop it without upload

Final step, deleting the local created folder $Download_Folder

The zipped file can be downloaded here

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