Sharepoint 2013 Licensing – Volume Licensing

…this post was published on 2016 July 24.

Let’s talk today about licensing, and in praticular about Sharepoint Licensing.
Based on business size, MS offer multiple Volume Licensing programs ​​

For Small business – fewer than 250 licenses
For Midsize and large business –  more than 250 licenses
For specialized organizations ( Government, Education, Health, Nonprofit )
–  this type of reprezentations is quite similar to Office 365 plans – For more details about Office 365 plans check this video ( in romanian )

​If you would like to maximize the value of your Licence agreement, you can adopt Software Assurance
Regarding Sharepoint, the general remarks before values, It’s important to know the server version, the number of servers, and the numbers of users or devices.
So, you should pay a license for each machine with Sharepoint server software installed – no matter of the role of that machine in the farm ) and also the license for the OS for that server.
Because excepting a testing env with Sharepoint Foundation – which contain already the SQL server express version –  you need also to pay licences for  your SQL installed servers + OS server license.
Regarding the CALs, you could use a user CAL or a device CAL depending on your organisation. The price is not necesarry the same for user CAL or device CAL
The price for enterprise CAL should be used in addition to standard CAL – so, if a user need a enterprise licence, you should buy a standard CAL plus the enterprise one
You can use a greater CAL version for accesing a lower version SP server  but not vice-versa.
For example, if you have more farms in your business, one with Server 2013 and one with 2016, to acces one of the these farm or both, the user will need only one CAL.
If it will use a 2013 SP CAL, it will can access only the Sharepoint 2013 farm, but if you buy a 2016 CAL for the user, it will can access both farms: 2013 and 2016 as well
Regarding the users – are 2 types of users:
Internal Users: Users who are the licensee’s or its affiliates’ employees and on-site agents and contractors.
External Users: Users who are not the licensee’s or its affiliates’ employees or on-site agents or contractors.
Regarding sites: are 3 types:
Intranet: Website hosting content, information, or software that is accessible inside the firewall to internal users only.
Extranet: Website hosting content, information, or software that is accessible inside the firewall to internal users and named external users only.
Internet: Website hosting content, information, or software that is publicly accessible to all users (internal and external).
For External users who access Extranet and/or  Internet sites no CALs are required. Click  here ​for more details
Regarding the prices, obtained from Softwaremedia, for Sharpeoint 2010 you have also the option for FastSearch, which is included in SP 2013 and 2016 and you don’t have to pay for it
Sharepoint 2010​ ​Sharepoint 2013 ​Sharepoint 2016
SP Server​ 6281 USD​ 6330 USD​
SP Server & SA​ 9712 USD​ 9712 USD 9712 USD​ (10197  MS source)
SP Standard Device CAL ​92 USD 87 USD
SP Standard Device CAL & SA​ 129 USD 129 USD​ 129 USD​
​SP Standard User CAL 112 USD​ 113 USD​
SP Standard User CAL & SA​ 167 USD 167 USD​ 167 USD​
SP Enterprise User CAL​ 108 USD​ 100 USD​
SP Enterprise User CAL & SA ​ 150 USD ​ ​​150 USD 150 USD​
SP Enterprise Device CAL 80 USD​ 77 USD​
SP Enterprise Device CAL & SA​ 115 USD​ 115 USD​ 115 USD​

A brief description about licensing scenarios in Sharepoint 2013 in the attached pdf file


For the official prices , directly from MS site, click this here – i recommend you to use keyborad to fill the form
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