Sharepoint Designer 2010 ServicePack

…this post was published on 2014 August 9.

The question is:
Which version of Sahrepoint Designer 2010 Service Pack is installed on my machine?

First of all, let’s assume that Sharepoint Designer is a component of MS Office suite. SO every Sp applied is done trough Office ‘name’. Now, let’s check more details about my Sharepoint Designer program.If you open it, and select “About” from left side, you will see the Deisgner’s version:

As you can see , it’s about Sharepoint Designer 2010, because it’s number ( Build Number ) is 14.0.7128.5000

Now let’s check which apps are installed on my machine – for this , the shortest way: Start/ Run : appwiz.cpl and there search for Sharepoint Designer.

You can see, that for Sharepoint Designer the applied product version is: 14.0.7015.1000
Checking official docs, you will get that is about SP2.
So on my machie I have Sharepoint Designer 2010, with SP2 installed the 23. Oct 2013

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