Sharepoint WebApplication and Powershell – Permission Policy

…this post was published on 2015 June 21.

Let’s try to manage permission policies for a web application in SharePoint 2013. If you prefer GUI, it can be found here

By default for a WebApplication  exists 4 policies:

To manage Permission Policy for a WebApplication using PowerShell you should use .PolicyRole property.

1. Display Existing Policies

The default policies names are:

2. Add a New Policy

You will use this syntax


The policy will appear in GUI as well

If you select the last one, the newest, you will see that Site Collection Permissions are in-checked

It doesn’t have Site Collection Administrator and Auditor enabled

To set them using PowerShell

And the result is perfect !


3. Delete an existing Policy

How to delete an existing policy, in my case the policy named : ViewItems_Policy created in step 2?

You should use $web.PolicyRoles.Delete method:

After this step, the policy was removed

To change an existing policy’s permissions read this post

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