Sharepoint WebApplication and Powershell – Self Service Site Creation

…this post was published on 2015 July 13.


The default values are:

First let permit users to create sites collections. As usual, I will user $web as a variable for my web application. First property used is

$web.SelfServiceSiteCreationEnabled, which is by default false

In this case, the GUI looks like

To change the applied quota, the cmdlets used it’s this one:


The option to provide users a link to create new TeamSites, you should use property $web.SelfServiceCreateIndividualSite which is false by default

and next the relative path for the URL:

$web.SelfServiceCreationParetntSiteUrl = “/relativePath/[%userid%]”

To display a form from a different address, you could set like this


If you would like to hide the link: $web.ShowStartASiteMenuItem=$false

to get Site Classification, use $web.Properties.Policy propertythe possible values are:

–    NotHavePolicy

–    CanHavePolicy

–    MustHavePolicy

and results:

The last option is regarding the secondary contact, the default value is False


All setting for “Self-Service Site Creation Management” with Powershell, bellow:

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