Sum of time values for two DateTime columns

Starting from this post let’s suppose that your two DateTime Columns are


and the request is to sum the time values. The final value  ( as a text ) will be in this format hh:mm.
For this you will need to create a calculated column and there to insert the final formula

Bellow are presented each step, one by one. Based on your regional settings, could be necessary to replace “;” with “,” in final formula ( Step 3. )

Step 1. Hours

The easiest part is to add hours, and the formula for this is

What about minutes? The easiest  way –  add minutes from both columns

But what if this value exceed 60? This mean an hour at least. Well in this case the formula:

So, the numbers of hours will be:

Step 2. Minutes

Let’s calculate minutes. in both cases, if minutes exceed an hour or not:
where first 2 elements are the total number of minutes
and the third element represent 60 minutes for each entire hour.

If you would like that minutes are represented with 2 digits even if they are less than 10 you should use an IF condition:

Step 3. Presentation

The final formula will be

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