Validation: Force only Sundays

…this post was published on 2016 February 02.

How can force Sharepoint to permit only past sundays in a date column?
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To permit only sundays, it’s quite easy. You configure a validation condition at column level, and the condition it this one

Where [Data] is my date column
The issue it’s how to check and validate only for past values? –  because [Today] isn’t an option in a validation  formula.
To do it, Let’s creata a new column, name it Todday ( you can make it as hidden if necesarry ), set it as date/time column only date value and set Today vlaue for it.
Next , create alsoa  calculated column, name it Calc, in wich will substract


This calculation is needed to check if data value is in the past or is not.
To validate data’s value, goto validation setting at list level and use the following formula


as bellow

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